Knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is enabled by three permanent WPs:

State of Knowledge

Activities under this WP consist of developing a systematic approach of establishing the state-of-knowledge in the field of RWM research. This shall be done on a stepwise basis: i) establishing of procedures to document the state of knowledge (SoK); ii) testing and improving these procedures on a few demonstration topics/sub-topics (of the Roadmap); iii) performing a review on existing tools/platforms and evaluating the added-value of establishing such a platform dedicated to provide access to SoK developed in EURAD.

Methodological guidance

Activities under this WP consist of developing a comprehensive suite of instructional guidance documents that can be used by Member-States with RWM programmes that are at an early stage of development with respect to their national RWM programme. Such WP shall pursue and complement the work initiated with the PLANDIS Guide.


Activities under this WP consist of developing a diverse portfolio of tailored basic and specialised training courses under the umbrella of a “School of Radioactive Waste Management”, taking stock of and building upon already existing initiatives (i.e. IAEA and NEA) and creating new initiatives to bridge the identified gaps. The end-users are defined as professionals and potential new professionals at graduated and post-graduated level from EU and non-EU countries (via the IAEA and NEA programmes), and in particular the next generation of experts. This WP will also organise a mobility programme to provide access to dedicated infrastructures associated with the Mandated Actors/Linked Third Parties within EURAD. This work will be carried out in close interaction with European networks having a recognised experience in training/mobility in the field of RWM