Project deliverables

EURAD - D10.2 Generic strategies for managing uncertainties

This report presents the findings of Sub-Task 2.1 of the UMAN work package of EURAD project. UMAN is focused on developing a common understanding among European Waste Management Organisations (WMOs), Technical Support Organisations (TSOs) and Research Entities (REs) and civil society of strategies and approaches for managing uncertainties by sharing knowledge and identifying remaining and emerging issues. Sub-Task 2.1 is focused specifically on identifying generic strategies for managing uncertainties. The Sub-Task 2.1 work has largely drawn on responses from WMOs, TSOs and REs to a questionnaire produced for the UMAN project to facilitate information gathering. The report discusses uncertainty management in the context of programmes for near-surface and geological disposal of radioactive waste, relevant regulatory requirements, safety assessment strategies, and activities aimed at reducing, avoiding or mitigating uncertainties.

EURAD - D10.2 Generic strategies for managing uncertaintiesPDF - 5.3 Mo