Safety Case Development and Review Training - November 2022

WP13 in cooperation with NEA, IGD TP and SITEX.Network would like to invite you to participate in the EURAD Training Course on Safety Case Development and Review. This course will be held from November 28 until December 2, 2022 in Prague.

Registration deadline is November 10, 2022.

Every national programme dealing with radioactive waste management is obliged to develop the safety case in relation to the radioactive waste facility and related licensing processes.  A safety case is generally understood as a collection of safety evidence and arguments demonstrating the safety of the facility and related management process throughout its lifetime.
The modern concept of the safety case was introduced in radioactive waste disposal in the 1990s by the NEA Expert Group on Integrated Performance Assessment (IPAG).  Afterwards, the concept has been further developed by the Integration Group for the Safety Case (IGSC) as well as by the IAEA and national RWM programmes. In the present, the establishing a long-term safety case for geological disposal is widely adopted practice by the radioactive waste management community, in particular WMOs, TSOs and regulatory authorities.
The wide spectrum of different stakeholders is engaged along RW facility life cycle, including public representatives/experts. In order to ensure the highest possible level of safety of RW facility and to avoid its harmful impact on environment also involvement of research entities is necessary in the process as they mostly ensure necessary R&D.
Even though that this training course is preferably dealing with deep geological disposal some commonalities can be found with other kind of disposal options as, e.g. near surface disposal facility. The training course aims at providing a good base also for programmes not intending to construct DGR but considering near surface disposal, as SIMS, in particular to gather information on the approach and strategies to scenarios development and uncertainties management.